RP 161 

One-on-One Extension With Growers
The RP 161 project is the extension of the RP20 project, which aimed to validate Six-Easy-StepsTM fertiliser rates in the Burdekin. The research conducted through RP20 has given growers confidence to implement the Six-Easy-StepsTM on their farm, and RP 161 will support 90 growers over two years, to make the change. Growers involved in the project will recieve:

  • A whole farm nutrient plan at Six-Easy-StepsTM rates
  • All historical soil tests spatially allocated in a Google Earth map
  • Their previous fertiliser practices benchmarked
  • A soil test
  • A G-Dot installed
  • On farm and phone support with Farmacist agronomists
  • Confidence strips implemented on a block of their choice to compare their current practice to The Six-Easy-StepsTM  

For a more in depth explanation of the RP 161 process, check out the Farmacist Blog - Link here!
The 2017 group of growers has been selected. Contact the Burdekin office on (07) 4782 2300 or one of our agronomists for more information. 
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