Our Team

Rob Sluggett
  • Extensive agronomic experience in a variety of crops formerly with BSES and Sucrogen Ag services
  • Practical farm management - is himself a cane grower
  • Development and extension of integrated farming systems
  • Establishment and management of research trials
  • Based in Mackay
​0459 688 844
Tony Crowley
  • Practical farm management team
  • Agronomic experience in a wide variety of crops
  • Expertise in GPS systems and management of spatial data
  • Extension of farming systems
  • Based in Mackay 
​0409 475 317
John Markley
  • Analysis of spatial data including satellite imagery
  • Development and analysis of GIS data
  • Management and development of GPS tracking technology of harvesters and other farm related vehicles
  • Project management
  • Based in Mackay
Managing Director
0408 185 083
Jayson Dowie
  • B App Science (Agronomy) UQ 
  • Establishment and Management of Research trials in sugarcane, legume crops and Rice.
  • Project Management
  • Agronomic experience in a range of crops
  • Data analysis
  • Whole Farm Planning
  • Grower Relations and Extension Services
  • Based in the Burdekin
Regional Manager - North Queensland 
0408 009 348
Evan Shannon
  • B Agr Sc (UQ)
  • Comprehensive agronomic experience in a variety of broadacre and horticultural crops
  • Practical farm management - Agronomist to several large farming operations in the Burdekin region over the past 20 years.
  • Work with local sugarcane farmers in group extension activities looking at improving water quality leaving farms.
  • Establishment and management of research trials in horticulture, rice and sugarcane.
  • Extensive knowledge of irrigation practices in the Burdekin including drip irrigation of horticultural crops and sugar cane.
  • Based in the Burdekin since 1981.
Principal Agronomist
​0428 779 882
Natalie Fiocco
  • BAppSc/BBus UQ (Gatton)
  • Majored in Plant Science and Sustainable Enterprise Management
  • Experienced in Cropping systems
  •  Agronomic experience in sugarcane, soybean, mungbean and rice crops as well as pasture management.
  • Management of research trials in sugarcane, soybean, rice and pasture.
  • Full farm nutrient planning.
  • Based in Mackay
Senior Agronomist
0408 849 902
Billie White
  • BAppSc (Crop Production) UQ Gatton
  • Project manager and extension officer for the Burdekin Cane Extension Project (RT3/RAP)
  • Sugarcane and rice trial establishment and management
  • Full farm nutrient planning
  • Irrigation management
  • ​Based in the Burdekin
​0409 477 359
Alice Moore
  • BAppSc (Agronomy), UQ Gatton
  • Rice and Sugarcane trial establishment and management.
  • Whole farm planning and variety analysis
  • Focusing on precision Agriculture, GIS along new agricultural technologies and innovations.
  • Based in the Burdekin
0402 924 955
John Turner
  •  Extensive agronomic and farming system experience in Sugarcane and other crops
  • Extension and demonstration of farming practices and systems
  • Establish and manage research and demonstration trials
  • Irrigation practices and systems for sugarcane
  • Based in Mackay
Extension Agronomist
0437 581 921
Kylie Bezzina
  • BAppSc (Agronomy) UQ Gatton
  • From a cane farming background in the Mackay region
  • Would like to focus on research, development and extension 
  • Based in Mackay
0438 143 749
Heidi Hatch
  • BAppSc (Crop Production), UQ Gatton
  • From a cane farming background in the Burdekin
  • Project manager of RP161 & NESP
  • Establish and manage research trials
  • Full farm nutrient planning and variety anaylsis
  • Based in the Burdekin   

0448 621 994
Simon Dunlop
  • BAgribus/BAppSc (Agronomy) (UQ), MAgr (UNE)
  • Background in cotton and broadacre cropping from Moree NSW
  • Extensive agronomic experience in a wide variety of crops
  • Establish and manage research and demonstration trials
  • Grower relations and extension services
  • Based in the Burdekin
Senior Agronomist
0427 471 491
Katelin Reddacliff
  • BAgSc (Plant Production) (UNE)
  • Has a background in cattle and beetroot farming 
  • Passionate about the future of the agricultural industry 
  • Based in Mackay
Graduate Agronomist
0439 072 611
Zoe Eagger
  • B.Sc (majoring in Agriculture and Agribusiness), Curtin University, Western Australia
  • Interested in extension activities, precision agriculture improving land management and water quality entering the Great Barrier reef
  • Keen interest in alternative and new farming methods
  • Based in Mackay
Extension Agronomist
0436 004 437
Dylan Zemek
  • Queensland University of Technology,
  • Bachelor of Mechatronics (minor in Robotics)
  • Website & Mobile Application Design
  • Development of Field Sensors & Equipment
  • Wireless Connectivity Solutions using Low Frequency Radio
  • Based in Burdekin
Technical Project Officer
0448 999 302
Mika Rowston
  • BSc (Environmental Assessment and Management), Griffith University, Gold Coast
  • Agricultural Extension Trainee
  • From a diverse background working in coastal environments
  • Would like to focus on chemical management and GIS application in Agriculture
  • Based in the Burdekin
Graduate Agronomist
0429 165 046
Dave Clancy
  • BEnvSc (Environmental Science), University of the Sunshine Coast
  • Agricultural Extension Trainee
  • Background in water sampling and analysis, irrigation research trials and farm work
  • Interested in chemical management, precision agronomy and geospatial data collection and management
  • Based in Mackay
Graduate Extension Agronomist
0424 271 415
Che Trendell
  • BAppSc (Natural Systems and Wildlife Management) & MRurSysMan
  • Project manager and extension agronomist for the Central Region RP161 project
  • Full farm nutrient planning
  • Experience with farming systems research and extension techniques
  • Interest in nutrient planning, soil health, irrigation and farm economics
  • Based in Mackay
Extension Agronomist
0439 588 627