Geo-Spatial Data Collection and Management

Precision Agriculture Specialists

​Farmacist is a leading provider of precision agronomy solutions. We have our own equipment, such as EM38 MK2 and Veris 3100 soil mapping machines. We are also able to use satellite imagery to produce sugarcane yield maps. In addition to these services Farmacist also offers a number of data management options for growers.

We focus on using tools such as soil mapping to identify variability in soils and crops and determine whether these variabilities are related to constraints to crop growth. These variable areas may be assigned as zones, depending on how they vary from each other (e.g. soil type, sodicity). Our team then provides growers with advice to better manage these different zones within the paddock to improve their potential production. 

Services avaliable:

Soil Mapping
Satellite Data Capture
Data Management
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